The Janet Effect


The Janet Jackson episode

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Janet Jackson winning legend awards:

American Music Awards - Award of Merit
World Music Awards -
Legend Award for Outstanding Contribution to Pop & R&B Music
Billboard Music Awards -
Artistic Achievement Award
Radio Music Awards -
Radio Legend Award
MTV Video Music Awards -
Vanguard Award

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…and people ask me why I love Beyoncé so much…

We love Beyonce, but this is a rip of Janet’s Rhythm Nation performances.

Check out Janet’s performance of Rhythm Nation on The Velvet Rope Tour [x] and the All For You Tour [x[ to see. Beyonce combines elements from boith performances

Even the sound effects used in the RIng The Alarm breakdown come from both of Janet’s performances - They’re exactly the same.

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Hot 100 55th Anniversary By The Numbers: Top 100 Artists, Most No. 1s, Biggest No. 2s & More

Janet is the 7th biggest artist in Billboard Hot 100 history. Click the link to see the article + the other lists she made



Prince | What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Montreux Jazz Festival - 14th July 2013


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Nicki Minaj showing respect to the Queen


Robyn covering Janet Jackson’s When I Think of You

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Nasty (x// Miss Jackson (x)

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